Coomara Veterinary Practice

Tel: 01228 524 740
Fax: 01228 596986


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Nurse Clinics

Our qualified registered veterinary nurses run clinics - a great source of advice on a range of issues, including

O.A.P. check-ups

Weight clinic - giving support and advice, setting targets and action plans for pets that are either under or over weight 

Dental health checks - including advice and guidance on prophylactic tooth care at home (e.g. brushing, and other products available to maintain dental health)

6 month checks for juvenile dogs - including discussion about diet, progress and neutering

Worm and flea treatment administration

Not forgetting Puppy excellent opportunity to socialise your new puppy, and chat to our qualified nurses about your puppy's progress and homecare

Our nursing team are always around to help you


NB: If our nurses find something of concern during their examination they will either call a veterinary surgeon into the room on that day to take a look, or book you an appointment with a vet for a later date - in these cases normal veterinary consultation fees apply.

Where we are

Coomara is just south of Carlisle on the A6 heading towards Penrith.

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