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Small Animal Services

Consultations with our Vets are available throughout the day - see our surgery times section for more information.

Nurse clinics

For a wide range of advice such as weight, fleas, worms and much more, this is an excellent source of information regarding the general care of your pet.  Harriet and Alicia are Royal Canin Weight Management Ambassadors, giving them additional training in all aspects of weight management of pets.  

First Steps Kitten and Puppy Packages

Our puppy and kitten packages include everything you need to provide the best start for your new addition:

  • Full Veterinary Health Check
  • Kitten or Puppy Vaccination Course
  • Microchip for cats
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination for pups
  • Flea and Worm treatment for 1 month
  • A free bag of Royal Canin Lifestage diet
  • A free of charge nurse consultation to discuss all your little one's ongoing needs

All for a one-off payment of just £59.00






Alternatively, to benefit from even more offers and comprehensive care, sign up to our Coomara Care Plan...

Coomara Care - a preventative healthcare plan

This is our Pet Health Plan - a way of spreading the cost of routine treatments over the year.  For an average of just 50p per day you will receive 12 months worth of flea and worm treatments, your annual booster vaccinations and 2 check-ups.  

Members also benefit from discounts on other products and services including petfood (Hills and Royal Canin), neutering, dental scale and polish, out of hours examination fees, and unlimited free nurse consultations.

Dogs and cats over 8 years old also have the option to join our Coomara Care For Seniors, which includes annual health screening tests and some additional benefits suitable for our older friends - see our Coomara Care page for more details.


Over the years the practice has undergone a number of extensions and modernisations, allowing us to provide the best facilities for your pets - including separate dog and cat wards.


We have facilities for Digital Xray, ultrasound scanning, dental suite, isolation for infectious cases and a dedicated operating theatre available 24/7.

Puppy Playgroups

Such good fun for everyone! It is so nice for them to come along and play and socialise. It is not a training class just socialising, playing and meeting other puppies and people. The puppies learn that the vets doesn't have to be an unpleasant place for them. Vaccinated puppies are welcome up to the age of 16 weeks. 

The group takes place on Wednesday evening 6pm-6.30pm.

Out of Hours Emergencies

We cover our own out of hours - your animal will always be seen by one of Coomara's vets out of hours.  If hospitalised your pet will never have to be moved to other premises for overnight care.  You will not have to travel to a practice further away or in an unfamiliar location.  

Consultations taken outside normal working hours are charged higher than those during the daytime, making allowance for the additional costs that employing vets and nurses for antisocial hours.  This additional fee applies between 7pm - 8am. 

Hospitalised patients are not monitored continuously unless their clinical condition requires it - patients that do not require continuous monitoring are checked at regular intervals throughout the night by our duty vet and/or nurse.  The frequency of the checks are decided by the veterinary surgeon in charge of the case.

Acupuncture and Pain Clinic

Acupuncture can be useful for a range of conditions, including osteoarthritis and spinal pain, and is appropriate for use in both dogs and cats.  Charlotte and Jenny are trained in the Western Scientific Approach.  We have recently launched a special clinic for management of chronic pain, tailor-making treatment programmes for pets which, apart from Acupuncture, may include class IV laser therapy, medications, physiotherapy and referral for hydrotherapy.  See our Chronic Pain Clinic tab for more information.

Mobile Homecare Service

We offer home visits (with a nurse) to examine your animal.  A fee is charged according to your distance from the practice, and normal consultation fee applies.


Fees are carefully constructed on the basis of the skill, expertise, and time required, and of course the cost of equipment used.  Fees also make allowance for the general running costs of running the veterinary practice.  We operate a PAYMENT AT TIME POLICY and accept all major credit cards, BACs and cash.  Please see our "Terms and Conditions" Factsheet. 


Where we are

Coomara is just south of Carlisle on the A6 heading towards Penrith.

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